Fun with our New Halo Haze Hat!

Hi y'all,

I am having a blast with our new Halo Haze Hat pattern! I love the combination of a solid base yarn and carrying along a fuzzy strand of mohair. Here's the first one I made with the yarns from the pattern, Berroco Comfort in Persimmon(9783) and Rowan Kidsilk Haze in White(612). Look at the fuzzy!


I really liked how this came out and thought it would be fun to experiment a little with some other yarn combinations. This pattern will work with almost any worsted, or Dweight yarn plus the Kidsilk Haze. So, I grabbed the following yarns and started swatching:

And, what did my swatch tell me?

  1. I didn't like Tiramisu and Triple Twist together. Tiramisu is heavier(thicker) than the Kidsilk Haze and when knit with the Triple Twist the fabric was dense and stiff.
  2. When I combined the Triple Twist Smokestack and Kidsilk Haze Steel it felt kinda...blah.
  3. I really liked the Triple Twist Antler with the Kidsilk Haze Steel.

So, I knit the Antler and Steel together. It's so fuzzy and squishy and it's become my favorite hat that I've knit this year! I expect I'll wear the heck out of it in the Fall.

But the Triple Twist in Smokestack with the Kidsilk Haze in Eve Green kept pulling me back. I decided to make the ribbing in just the Triple Twist then add in the Kidsilk Haze only when I got to the body of the hat and I really like the way it looks. When I was done with THAT hat I realized that while I had used up almost all of the Triple Twist (remember some of it is still in my swatch) I still had enough of the Kidsilk Haze to make another whole hat. So, I paired the remaining Eve Green with the Berroco Tiramisu, talk about super fuzzy!

All that was left was a half skein of Kidsilk Haze in Steel. I couldn't just leave it there! So I went stash diving and found some Noro Sonata in the Strawberry color and voila! Here it is next to the Antler/Steel combo.

The Sonata is a lighter weight(thinner) yarn than the Triple Twist but it still works out beautifully in this pattern.

I thought it might be helpful to include a cost breakdown for you.

1 skein Comfort($8) + 1 skein Kidsilk Haze(15.50) (makes 2 hats): $23

1 skein triple Twist(28.99) + 1 skein Kidsilk Haze(15.50) (makes 1 hat): $44.49

1 skein Tiramisu($12) + 1 skein Kidsilk Haze(15.50) (makes 1 hat): $27.50

1 skein Noro Sonata ($21.99) + 1 skein Kidsilk Haze(15.50) (makes 2 hats): $37.49

All together I spent $115.47 (plus tax, and I got free shipping) on 8 different skeins of yarn, made 5 hats, can still make 1 more, and I'll have some Noro Sonata left over. That's only $19.25 per hat! 

So grab a few skeins, work up a swatch and make some hats! You can get a printed version of the Halo Haze pattern here.

- Sara

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