Headband, with a twist!

Hi y'all

I'm back with another quick project! This time a super cute headband/ear warmer that you can whip up in an afternoon. This literally took me 1 1/2 episodes of Around the World in 80 Days.

Caramel color knitted headband

You'll need:

Finished size: 20" around x 3" wide 

Gauge: 4sts per inch, 4 rows per inch, in pattern

This pattern is a multiple of 2 +1, so you can customize it to the width that works for you. And the Broken Rib stitch pattern creates a different texture on each side so you can use the one that you like best! You can see the Right Side(RS) of the fabric on the right and the Wrong Side(WS) on the left in the image below. I quite like the texture on the WS so that's what I used.

Knitted Broken Rib pattern creates a different texture on each side

Cast on 13 stitches. 

Row 1:(WS) K1, * p1, k1; repeat from * across

Row 2:(RS) K all stitches

Repeat these 2 rows until the piece measures 20", or your desired length.

Bind off. I like to leave about a 12" tail here to use when sewing the twist in place.

To finish:

Decide which side of the strip you like best, that is now your RS. With RS facing each other, fold each end in half, so the open ends of the fold face each other. (see below)

Sewing together the ends of our headband | One Big Happy Yarn Co.

Slip them inside each other, I used large locking ring stitch markers to hold them in place, you could also use sewing pins or safety pins. (see below, the left fold is highlighted in green and the right in peach)

Sewing together the twist in our headband | One Big Happy Yarn Co

Sew these 2 ends together by going back and forth across all 4 edges. You can see where I already have my tapestry needle doing just that in the image above. You don't have to worry about being fancy here as this will be inside the headband. Once you're done, weave in your ends.

Now turn the whole thing right side out and give your twist a little nudge to bring it out and you'll see that magical "S" that you formed when you sewed the ends together!

Easy Twisted Knit Headband | One Big Happy Yarn Co.

It's really easy to make variations of this project in your favorite stitch pattern or favorite yarn in a different weight. Be sure to comment if you have questions or want to share one you've made!

- Sara

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