A Colorful Farmhouse

I'm so excited to introduce our One Big Happy family to my friend, Kristin Nicholas!

Kristin Nicholas and Sara Delaney at One Big happy Yarn Co

She and her husband Mark, their daughter Julia, and countless sheep, dogs, cats, and chickens live tucked away on a hillside in New England. Their classic little farmhouse hides a wonderful secret - color. So much COLOR!

Kristin Nicholas' New England farmhouse

Kristin is an accomplished painter, potter, and designer. Her home is chock full of color, she even wrote a couple books about it! With textiles collected from every corner of the globe to her own handpainted pottery and furniture, there is inspiration everywhere you look!

Inside Kristin Nicholas' farmhouse

She also has a storied career in the fiber arts, working as Creative Director at Classic Elite Yarns, multiple published books and patterns, as well online courses in knitting and design. We actually met at one of her book launch parties back in my days working in bookstores.

Kristin Nicholas scrappy hexagon blankets

And while most of her work with yarn has been knitting she does dabble in crochet. I kept thinking about the scrappy hexagon blankets that she works on most winters and just knew that it was a perfect vehicle to share her sense of color with you all.

Fun With Hexagons Crochet-Along Series with Kristin Nicholas

And that's what we've done! Our Fun With Hexagon Crochet-Along series has launched this week with our first tutorial on making the basic hexagons and joining them into a decorative garland. More episodes are coming in May and June when we'll make a cozy cowl, her famous farmhouse blanket, and a stunning BIG hexagon blanket.

You can see more of Kristin's work and farm on her website, and you can follow her on facebook and instagram. Now is a great time to start following - it's spring and she's bound to post lots of images of new lambs and fuzzy kittens!

I've been crocheting for over 40 years and I learned wonderful new things from Kristin in our time filming these tutorials for you. I hope you'll join us and have as much fun with hexagons as we have!

Happy crocheting, 


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