Stainless steel sock blockers from Bryson are the perfect way to give your knitted and crocheted socks a perfect finish.

Bryson Sock Blockers (Set of 2)

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For smooth consistent stitches and the finish your socks deserve, grab a pair of stainless steel sock blockers. Each comes as a set of 2 and a handy hook makes it easy to hang your knit and crocheted socks to dry.   Dimensions for each size are listed below.

  • SMALL: Foot Length: 8.5", Foot Circumference: 7", Ankle Circumference: 8.5", Ankle Height: 10"
  • MEDIUM: Foot Length: 9.25",  Foot Circumference: 7.5", Ankle Circumference: 8.5",  Ankle Height: 10"
  • LARGE:  Foot Length: 10",  Foot Circumference: 7.5", Ankle Circumference: 9.25",  Ankle Height: 10"