Berroco Comfort Chunky Yarn - Discontinued Colors

Berroco Comfort Chunky Yarn - Discontinued Colors

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About the Yarn:

Berroco Comfort Chunky is our pick for tried-and-true acrylic. It's soft, affordable, and never lets us down.

Here's why we LOVE this yarn:
1. You can't beat the value, especially for gifts, charity items and big projects that take a lot of yardage.
2. It comes in a huge range of colors and weights- so have fun and try something bold!
3. Machine wash AND dry! Whether you don't want to deal with hand washing or you're making a gift, it'll be easy to launder.
4. It's acrylic—perfect for those with sensitive skin, or sensitive budgets. 

Comfort Chunky makes fabulous blankets and quick accessoriesbut, it also comes in DKDK PrintSock and Worsted. Use this yarn once and you'll find yourself coming back to it again and again.

Yarn Facts:

  • Fiber Content: 50% Super Fine Nylon, 50% Super Fine Acrylic
  • Weight: Bulky
  • Yards: 150
  • Grams: 100
  • Knitting Gauge: 3.5 stitches/inch (US 10.5 needle)
  • Crochet Gauge: 3.25 stitches/inch (J10 hook)
  • Care: Machine Wash & Dry
  • Origin: Turkey

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