A set of light turquoise blocking pins printed with mindful Mandalas by Knitter's Pride makes blocking knit and crochet projects easy.

Knitter's Pride Mindful Knit Blockers

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Relax when it comes to finishing your knits—this set of Mindful Blockers has you covered.  A soothing teal and beautiful mandala design adorns each blocking pin. They'll help maintain even tension across the width of hand-knit and crocheted items - working best on straight edges. Keep them together in a coordinating case.

Each set includes 20 Knit Blockers as follows:
  • Twelve 8-pin blockers, approximately 3" long
  • Eight 4-pin blockers, approximately 1½" long
  • All pins have a total height of 1¾" with an exposed pin length of ¾"

Pair it with the Mindful Blocking Mats for a complete setup.